These classes help kids empathise with others: identify, evaluate, control and express emotions in more creative ways; helping them build focus and develop social skills. Not to mention the practice will make them stronger and more flexible not just in the body but the mind too! 

Rs. 2000 for 4 sessions. 


For Dhara, her journey into the world of yoga began at the age of 13 when she accidentally came across a book of asanas in her fathers library. Not knowing the true art, science and philosophy of this ancient wisdom, she innocently kept replicating the asanas in the book secretly in her room. The freedom and joy she felt doing those poses back then led her to dream about teaching Yoga when she grows up to be an old lady. But destiny had plans for her to follow the dreams much sooner than what she had dreamed.

Date: Dec 3 - Dec 24 2017

Venue: Jogeshwari East



    Single ( ): INR 2000