THE CLEANSE is a 7 day detox program to equip you with essentials in caring for your body, increasing energy and easy lifestyle shifts.
Your Program Includes: 
1) Daily yoga practice with Bhakti 
2) Daily tips on clean lifestyle 
3) Recipe each on Smoothie, Salads & Dessert
THE CLEANSE - 7 days is a precursor to our 21 Day Cleanse. The 7 day program will give you:
1) Increased energy 
2) Eliminate toxins from your body 
3) Address cravings for sugar and other processed foods 
4) Strengthen your body 
5) Ignite the life force within you 
6) And last but not the least, get you Holiday Ready!
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Get your Happy Body back with YogiToday and Bhakti Raval!
  • Daily sessions for 7 days - 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm 
  • an hour of Yoga asana practice 
  • 30 minutes of interaction about food and lifestyle choices 
  • Pranayama and meditation 
  • Recipes - Smoothie, Salad, Dessert 
My first encounter with Yoga was in 2002, when I was forced to do a 7 days health camp to accompany a friend who found it boring to go alone, followed by being persuaded to accompany for a teacher's training course for the similar reason, happy days started for me. From being a Commerce graduate to a Postgraduate in Business to working as a Litigation Support Specialist in London, Yoga has been a strong part of my everyday living, be the practices of the techniques or living the philosophy. The entire way of living my life has changed. Issues started coming with a solutions, I started to look at stress as a strong reason to get into relaxation, my faith in the silver lining of the cloud started to grower stronger. My journey from a Yoga Novice to a Phd student has been quite an interesting one.

Date: Jan 6 - Jan 12 2018

Venue: Juhu-Bandra



    Single ( 1 ): INR 5200INR 6500


  • The registration is considered complete post payment of the fees 
  • It will be your responsibility to ensure you are in good health for Yoga and other physical activities. We request you to kindly inform us if you have any health problems before booking your place in the workshop.

  • The class will begin at 5:30 pm sharp so participants need to be on time 
  • Please carry your own yoga mats, a hand towel and bottle of water