The Yoga Brunch

Sep 1 ( 10:00 AM) - Sep 1 2018 ( 12:30 PM) Soda Bottle Openerwala - Powai

Number Of Seat : 15

Available Of Seat : 15

You Save: ₹150

Your Saturday morning routine just got better!
Guests will enjoy a morning of yoga, followed by a healthy brunch to set you up for the day. Prepare for a deep and dynamic vinyasa flow practice, helping you find some inner space and calm. Sweat away the hangover of the past week and refuel with a post yoga feast. We guarantee you will leave feeling revived and very well- fed.


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Yoga Heals - Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Retreat

Sep 18 ( 12:00 PM) - Sep 22 2018 ( 12:00 PM) Akkara, HomeStay & LifeStyes - Kerala

Number Of Seat : 12

Available Of Seat : 12

You Save: ₹4500

Rekindle your connection with body and mind through the 5 universal elements - Ether, Fire, Water, Air, Earth.  

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Little Yogis Summer Camp

May 21 ( 10:30 AM) - May 25 2018 ( 11:30 AM) New Age Sage, A-3, Shree Siddhivinayak Plaza, Above Little Door, Andheri Link Road, Opposite Citi Mall, Mumbai-400047

Number Of Seat : 10

Available Of Seat : 10


With loads of love and care, we have curated an exclusive 5 day camp for our happy little yogis. 
Through games, activities, storytelling, music, art, this camps are super fun and safe space for children to feel comfortable in their bodies and connect with their natural energy. 
Come play, learn and share with yoga!

No yoga experience needed. 

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Happy Little Souls

Mar 16 ( 05:45 PM) - Apr 27 2018 ( 06:45 PM) The Space Juhu

Number Of Seat : 7

Available Of Seat : 6



A parent toddler yoga workshop - on March 16th - April 27th, 2018 (March 30th hol for Good Friday!)

Come for a taster of our unqiue parent-child workshop that's fun, educational and enriching! It's an experience featuring Music, Stories ad Poetry through the medium of movement and yoga with Rashmi Ramesh.

Copy link below to take a peek into our trial session! It was loads of fun! 




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Hatha Yoga Intensive - Weekend Workshop

Mar 23 ( 04:00 PM) - Mar 25 2018 ( 05:30 PM) Vile Parle West

Number Of Seat : 20

Available Of Seat : 20


It's time to get real! 
Experience an intense Hatha yoga workshop that will deepen your asana and pranayama practice. 
You will learn the subtleties of alignment and the techniques needed to take your postures to the next level.
Immerse yourself in this workshop to gain insights on Hatha Yoga with Bhakti Raval!
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Partner Yoga

Feb 17 ( 04:00 PM) - Feb 17 2018 ( 05:00 PM) Aleph, the Divine Cafe, Juhu

Number Of Seat : 10

Available Of Seat : 10



You practise Yoga (or want to!) and want your friends, family to join in as well? here's your chance to enrol them and yourself for a fun session of Yoga with Samanta Duggal.

Partner Yoga not only makes it fun for beginners to try Yoga but working in pairs offers deeper openings of yoga poses in a supportive way.

Bring your partner of choice and together we can embark on the journey of Yoga and Wellness.

Contact: yogis@yogitoday.com for more details.

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Kids Yoga

Dec 3 ( 10:45 AM) - Dec 24 2017 ( 11:45 AM) Jogeshwari East

Number Of Seat : 6

Available Of Seat : 4


In December, Every Sunday (4 sessions) from 10:45 am to 11:45 am.

Age Group: 6-12 years

Batch Size: 6 kids only. HURRY!!!  

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Pranayama and Meditation

Jan 13 ( 07:30 AM) - Feb 3 2018 ( 08:30 AM) Juhu Beach, Behind Tulip Star

Number Of Seat : 20

Available Of Seat : 19


YogiToday is associating with Bhakti Raval to offer our first studio class on Pranayama and Meditation. We know breathing is an important part of any yoga practice, and most styles of yoga incorporate the breath in one way or another. But most of us don’t put an emphasis on pranayama as a separate practice. Considering the immense benefits that pranayama can bring to regular practitioners and otherwise, we thought it would be best to dedicate some time soley to the power of Pranayama and Medititation.

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Feb 16 ( 04:00 PM) - Mar 15 2018 ( 05:30 PM) Juhu-Bandra

Number Of Seat : 20

Available Of Seat : 20

You Save: ₹1300

Its that time of the year when everyone is changing diets and fitness regimes....gearing up to look and feel your best!

But here's what we think - If You do what You always did, You will get what you always got! Do you feel like your body and mind are in use of a fresh dose of health? Join the 7 day rejuvenating program - The Cleanse and make the shift in the way you live! Join our Tribe and fall in love with taking care of yourself - The 7 day program is a precursor to our 21 day program coming in January. THE CLEASE - 1 week program will give you a sneak peek on what to expect when you commit for the 21 days of health and wellness!

This is an ongoing program. 

Min Registrations: 6 | Max: 20 

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Nov 10 ( 12:00 AM) - Nov 12 2017 ( 12:00 AM) KHAS BAGH, JAIPUR

Number Of Seat : 0

Available Of Seat : -


YogiToday in collaboration with Your Travel Secretary presents an exclusive Yoga Holliday that combines the goodness of a Yoga retreat with the fun and peace of a holiday! Discover the ancient tradition of Yoga in a perfect mountain setting and experience one of a kind hoilday with like-minded souls!

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