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Tea is a special favourite with the yogis! After spending an hour on themselves through their yoga practice, yogis find a cup of tea a perfect transition for their body and mind to face the real world! But that aside, who doesn't like a cup of Chai? Be it your Ma's masala tea, green tea or the current favourite matcha! 

We thought to take this experience a little further and set the table for you with The Yogi Box.

Our specially curated Tea Box contains the following:

1) The Yogi Tea: A premium blend from Exalte, The Yogi Tea contains Black Tea, Rose Petals, Cinnamon, Dry Ginger, Cloves, Black Pepper, Green and Black Cardamom. 

2) Ceramic Kulhars: Give your tea time a desi dash with these cute ceramic Kulhars 

3) Coasters: Set of 2 coaster will add a pop of colour to your afternoon 

4) The Yoga Bar: We are all about a healthy balance and we know how much you like your tea with a snack! Here's your healthy alternatives - 2 healthy snack bars! 

5) Candle: While your tea is brewing, light the Indie Eco shot glass candle to set the mood right! 

Psst! All of the above can be customised based on your requirements. Yes, you heard right...all we need is a little more talk-time!

Write to us at to get The Yogi Box customised and for bulk orders! 



A classy box in dark brown with text in gold foil! 

Size and Measurement: 

The box (WX H): 5" by 3"


Wood shavings

Shipping and Return:

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. 
All returns are at the discretion of YogiToday. But we're a friendly bunch! :) 

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