YAA Savasana


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An uplifting set of essential oils - Jasmine and Nag Champa in a convenient roll-on applicator to ease stress and help recall a deep sense of relaxation.

YAA SAVASANA is a blend of stress-easing natural essential oils in a portable roll-on applicator. Traditionally used to provide grounding and uplifting—help anchor the calm and relax, like Yoga's Savasana. Just roll-on and recall the sensation of balanced focus whenever you feel the need to reset.

Jasmine has a warm, exotic, floral fragrance that relaxes, soothes, uplifts, and enhances self-confidence.

Nagchampa has a unique, heavy yet fascinating aroma and is popular worldwide especially in India. It has a calming effect on the mind and helps relieve stress.  

Made from essential oils and other natural ingredients

For External Use only 

Nag champa and Jasmine essential oils.

No toxic substances, Organic , 100% Natural , No child labour, Great to gift

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