Tassel Bracelet - Rudraksha


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A set of beads have traditionally been used in prayer and meditation, but anyone can wear these beautiful pieces. ?You don't have to be religious or have any spiritual practice. We believe you can simply wear them as a reminder of an intention you've set. And if you are seeking a calmer mind, body and spirit. 

Use our bracelet in your spiritual and yoga practice or simply add Yoga to your sense of style. 

All materials are carefully curated for their unique qualities. Any incidental marks, tonal changes, and/or textural variances are part of the material's natural characteristics.

Handcrafted in India!

As pictured 
Size and Measurement: 
Single Bracelet
Stone size: 4 mm 
One Size fits all

Primary Bead: Rudraksha 
Tassel Colour: Red, Blue 

Shipping and Returns: 
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. 
All returns are at the discretion of YogiToday. But we're a friendly bunch! :) 

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