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All about Nutmilks

These days nutmilks are an out and out rage and for good reason. A large number of people are turning Vegans and that is an healthier choce right ? Well maybe .. for some!!!

But we just wanna make sure that if you are making a choice to turn vegan you do it coz of the reasons that work best for you not because the companies suddenly see if as a high profit potential market and hence are bombarding you with brain washing commercials and ads.

Nutmilk isn't a new concept for Indians weve had our humble coconut milk around for years being used in gravies and curries down south for centuries. But ofcourse when we talk of nutmilks these days we're talking of almond and walnuts and the sorts...

What is a nutmilk?

Well simply, we soak the nuts in water ,which is a good step by the way. Almost like pre-sprouting - it almost awakens the seed or the nut that youre using. You can use any nut by the way- almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazel nuts, pistachoos go as creative as you can.

Anyways, back to the process; so once the nuts are soaked yo grind them. Home food processors will totally do. Ofcourse the finer the paste is the better is the texture of the milk. The nut milks are used to give the creamy thickness that you would have ideally used cream or yogurt for but dont want to coz of the vegan angle or just coz maybe you want to try something new.

So, once the nuts are all ground up into the paste you starin the liquid 

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