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12 ways to stay balanced in this crazy world

The world has never been easy. Its constantly changing . Just when you feel you are getting a hang of things it moves along. Most of us actually stumble along our lives rather than really living it. Something that can be done, however, is staying balanced through all of it. So that you can equally enjoy and endure everything life sends your way. Here are a few tips that can help-

1.     Stay active – It has to be number one. Exercise, walk, run, dance, hike, climb, fall…do what you like with this wonderful piece of equipment you have -your body. Using it more keeps it brimming with energy. Cells are busy doing repair, healing you every second of the day from within.


2.     Hit the outdoors– Nature, as against man made structures, has a calming effect on all living creatures. Feel the heat of the sun, the touch of wind, texture of dirt, temperature of water and enjoy the sensations of the elements which make you too.


3.     Be Grateful and Pray– This single-handedly can change your life. Being grateful about everything you have makes you enjoy what you have “now”, celebrating the present. Praying sends out your postive vibes to the world , bringing in more positivity back at you, like and echo.


4.     Sleep– at least 6-8 hours of sound untroubled sleep is a must to keep you functioning at optimum.


5.     Breathe– we all breathe all the time. But doing it with awareness makes you see the magic that resides within you. Your breath needs to be equanimous– Inhales and exhales of similar length. We normally inhale much more than what we exhale out and all the toxins get trapped within manifest later as diseases.


6.     Eat things with memory– Basically unprocessed and freshly cooked food. Include raw food in your diets too, that remember their original form and are as close to it as possible. Eat greens that are green without any artificial (or nature identical) coloring.


7.     Do more Yoga– more than what you might be doing now.


8.     Smile– as often as possible. To people you know and don’t know, acknowledge them. Let them know you see the light in them shining through.

9.     Meditate– even if its just for a few minutes a day. All successful people do this to reconfigure themselves everyday.


10.  Hydrate– Sadguru recently said that our body is 70% water and so is Mother earth. So to function well here, keep that balance of fluids optimum within you.


11.  Live your drive– find out what you love to do and do it more.


12.  Spend time with your loved ones– Sometimes people get so busy working that they forget what they started working for in the beginning. Keep the perspective in your mind clear.


At least weed out the ones who do not add value back to you and eat up into your limited time… live happily and balanced.

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