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YogiSeva with Pia

When we embarked on our journey with YogiToday, we were consumed with converting our dream of Yoga. Anytime. Anywhere into plans! We were Founders and Clerks all at the same time. What had not dawned on us was how our lives were going to change when we came in contact with wonderful beings.

Our first event - YogiSeva brought us in touch with Pia Aanchal Dhir, a Yoga Teacher and Anubha Sharma of Angel Express Foundation. Pia was a brutally honest and vivacious while Anubha was quiet and strong! We loved doing the YogiSeva event with the Angel Express kids and would love to do more! 

Pia has done her time in this World and we will always remember her with lots of love and fondness as our first Yoga Teacher on the Tribe!