Online Classes: FAQ's

Q. Is it more beneficial to practice in a regular class under the direct guidance of a certified Yoga Teacher?

A. Yes, most definitely more beneficial. Online classes for people with a specific constraints in terms of accessibility to the right teacher, budget, time constraints. We are making use of the technology to ensure Yoga reaches a larger audience. Ultimately, your practice will be a combination of learning from a Teacher directly and multiple online sessions available like ours.


Q. What do I need for an online yoga sessions ?

A. As always, you will need a Yoga mat! :) And with it your laptop/computer, applications like skype or google hangout and an internet connection with a minimum speed of 256 KBPS


Q. How do I book and schedule sessions?

A. Please fill the form to send in your enquiry and one of the Yogis from YogiToday will get in touch with you to work out the schedule and linking a suitable Teacher based on your requirements


Q. Can I cancel a session?

A. All sessions need to be purchased beforehand. In case you want to cancel and reschedule one of your sessions, please inform us 24 hours before your scheduled class. Otherwise, we will have to charge you for the session.


Q. Will I get reference materials for the online classes?

A. No, online classes are identical to studio or home classes while being virtual in nature. During the course of the class, the Teacher can suggest reference materials that you will find online or books you can read.


Q. What happens when a technical fault occurs?

A. We will mutually agree on cancelling and rescheduling the session due to a technical failure from either side.


Q. Can the online sessions be shared?

A. We are happy for you to get a friend along for your sessions but with prior intimation to us.


Q. What language will the session be conducted?

A. We usually conduct the sessions in English or Hindi. But if you have a different requirement please state the same in your enquiry form and we will try to satisfy the same.