Register as a Teacher: Terms & conditions

1. A 50-50% fee split collaboration between Teachers and YogiToday across the board and all activities will be done. YogiToday teachers would also be offered our exclusive paid events, workshops, corporate programs and retreats .

2. Code of Conduct: Teachers will be representative of YogiToday. Their conduct will be representing our company. Therefore, YogiToday will provide onboarding training for all teachers. The training will include - dress code, essential activities, the teacher kit, dos and don’ts, emergency contact.

3. Payment Clause: All payments will be done by the 10th of next month.

4. Commission: 30% commission is available for Teachers to claim on sale of YogiToday products through their reference.

5. Quarterly Teachers' meet: Since we believe in our community as a Tribe, these Teachers' meet can become an excellent way to meet other like minded individuals, to learn and grow with.

6. Mentoring program with senior teachers: We believe that all yoga teachers are also always students. Our mentoring program can help you stay encouraged and inspired to learn more about Yoga by spending time with more experienced Yoga teachers.

7. Online classes: Teachers might be asked to execute online classes for YogiToday clients.

8. Leakage or Poaching: Will be taken seriously, terminating all future work commitments with no liability whatsoever. We expect our Tribe of teachers to have high level of loyalty and integrity and other Yogic values of Satya and Aparigrah while executing their duties towards YogiToday. In case that the clients offer better fee, more business etc . to YogiToday Teachers we expect them to be re-directed to YogiToday to negotiate with.

9.Teacher content: The pictures and details submitted by the Teachers should be correct and verified. YogiToday does not take responsibility of any false information provided by the Teacher. The pictures and content submitted by the Teachers becomes the property of YogiToday to be used in its marketing and promotional activities.

10. Cancellations: If a Teacher cancels, he or she should offer a replacement or substitute Teacher to conduct the session.